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Castiel - N/A - single - angel - Sexuality upto RPer - Misha Colins - OPEN

The Past

Castiel’s past links so far back that we can really only describe his time with Sam and Dean.  Cas (as Dean calls him) pulled Dean from Hell.  He is an angel of the world who is perhaps the most human of all the angels due to his love for Dean.  Castiel is always within reach of the two Winchester boys but he is also dealing with the growing feud going on between the angel in Heaven.  Now that Lucifer is free the angels of Heaven are scattered and scared, after all there was a reason God banished Lucifer.

The Present

Castiel is presently doing something that he never imagined he would be doing, living most of his time on Earth with Sam and Dean.  He used to see humans as God’s pets, lesser creatures in a way.  They were something that replaced the angels place at the feet of the Lord, which never sat well with Castiel, but now he is learning there is more to the humans than meets the eye.  Castiel agreed to go with Sam and Dean to Mystic Falls only to try to get away from some of the other angels for long enough to sort some things out.

Friendships/Love Interests

Family: N/A
Friends: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Elena Gilbert
Enemies: Ruby
Ships: up to rp’er


  • fearless
  • pure
  • righteous


up to rp’er

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