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Ruby - N/A - single - demon - straight - Genevieve Padalecki - OPEN

The Past

Ruby’s past is.. Well it’s sort of a mystery.  All we really know is that she and Lilith had a bit of a falling out and Ruby turned against her to help the Winchester brothers.  Which was an odd pairing though she and Sam have been through quite a lot together.  Dean is not the biggest fan of the demon running around with them, nor is Castiel.  Ruby is known for being a manipulator though, and working with people for her own benefit.

The Present

Well Lucifer’s out of the box, and although Lilith is dead Ruby now has other things to worry about.  Like how to get Crowley to see eye to eye with her.  She needs him on her side, after all, he is the new ambassador of the underworld.  Ruby agreed to go with Sam and Dean to this new town so she could try to sort some things out before Lucifer got his footing.  She was afraid he wasn’t going to take mercy on very many people.

Friendships/Love Interests

Family: N/A
Friends: Sam Winchester, Katherine Pierce, Klaus Mikaelson, Damon Salvatore (sometimes)
Enemies: Dean Winchester, Castiel, Stefan Salvatore, Elena Gilbert
Love Interests: up to rp’er


up to rp’er

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